The Stanley family of Harlaston, Staffordshire

Family origins - there are links with Ashton in Makerfield Lancashire.

The name Gerard, also occurs in the Stanley family of Storeton.

As the Stanley family of Storeton also links back to Ashton in Makeferfield, it is assumed both family groups are closely related. Gerard Stanley of Harlaston may be a brother of Henry Stanley of Storeton, or his first cousin.

The first son of William Stanley of Ashton in Makerfield is not named in any of the records found to date, hence Gerard may be William's eldest son.

Reference sources -

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Villages close to Harlaston - Elford, Lullington, Whittington and Clifton Campville

Towns close to Harlaston - Lichfield, and Tamworth

1. Gerard Stanley of Harlaston, Staffordshire
Baptised -
Burial - 1611
Father - ?
Mother - ?
Married - Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Cawarden
Issue -
1.1 Thomas
1.2 William
1.3 Cawarden
1.4 Anne - married William Pargiter, gent. by whom she had male issue Ref 1

Facts from the 1611 administration of Gerard Stanley of Harlaston - Ref. 2

  • Elizabeth Stanley - Relict

Events linking Gerard and Elizabeth Stanley to Ashton in Makerfield, Huyton and/or Winwick, Lancashire -

  • 1602 - Records of the Palatinate of Lancaster - PL 17/63 folios 9, 10, 11,12 - transaction at Huyton between Gerard and Elizabeth Stanley, and John Pyle. 43 Eliz 1 (1602) (folio 11 contains Gerard and Elizabeth's signatures) (the surname Pyle occurs at Sutton Bonington - John Stanley married Joan Pyle) - Ref. 5
  • 1603 - Baptism, at St Oswald, Winwick, Cawarden Standlye son of Gerarde Ref. 4
  • 1606 - Inquisition after the death of William Standish of Scoules, in Eccleston, by oath of Miles Gerrard of Ince, Thomas Radcliffe of Leigh, Gerard Stanley of Ashton, Richard Pemberton of Pemberton etc. Ref. 6

Records held by Warwickshire County Record Office relating to Gerard and Elizabeth Stanley - Ref. 7

Landor of Rugeley (Staffs.) and Bishops Tatchbrook - Catalogue Ref. CR 1908
Landor of Rugeley Staffs - Deeds - Rugeley

FILE - Bundle of documents labelled "Landor deeds relate to the purchase of land near Rugeley by Erasmus and William Landor one seal W.L. may be his" (sic): Deeds relating to small parcels of land in Rugeley sold by the Harriman family to the Landers and to the property in Mavesyn Ridware formerly of the Cawarden family to which Elizabeth Stanley belonged, sold to William Landor in 1633 - ref. CR 1908/7/1-34 - date: c 1600-1651

CR 1908/7/15-24 Documents relating to property belonging to John and Joyce Chadwick of Hill Ridware and to Gerard and Elizabeth Stanley of Harlaston, one of which, probably of Harlaston, contains the endorsement "Notes of the particion betwixt the Cowardens and the Stanleys".

The documents, which are in poor condition, are as follows: memorandum of an agreement for the partition of named lands between the two parties, 4th April 1610; draft deed of partition, 4th April.... (? 1610); memo. of agreement for the lands not covered by the partition, undated; agreement for the sale of lands by Elizabeth Stanley of Burton-on-Trent, widow, and her son Thomas Stanley of Lullington, Derbys. gent. to William Launder of Rugeley, mercer, for 1,020 30th Sept. 1633; a note of the field land purchased of (blank) and her sons, with details of whose tenure it was in 1651, undated; memoranda about meadow rights; valuation and particulars of lands prior to purchase undated. See also no. CR 1908/7/28 below.

CR 1908/7/25 Mortgage to secure 246 from Elizabeth Stanley, widow, and Thomas Stanley gent. (son of Gerard Stanley) both of Lullington, Derbys. to Nathaniel Williams of Hamstall Ridware, clerk, of lands (described) in the manor or lordship of Mavesyn Ridware, 8th August 1628.

CR 1908/7/27-29 Feoffment from Elizabeth Stanley of Burton-on-Trent, widow (d. of Thomas Cawarden gent.),Thomas Stanley gent. her son and Judith his wife, William Stanley her second son and Michael Nickyns to William Launder of Rugeley mercer, Walter Chetwynd of Rugeley gent., Simon Smyth of Rugeley gent. and Richard Podmore of Willenhall yeoman, in consideration of 1000 and 20 marks, of the Mavesyn Ridware property, 10 Octo. 1633. With copy of part of this deed, endorsed with writing concerning a dispute about the property with Mr. Pargiter, c. 1640. Indenture of fine, Jan 9 Chas I (1633/4).

CR 1908/7/30 Bond to secure 250 from William Launder, Thomas Smyth of Rugeley gent., Richard Smyth of Lee gent. and Richard Podmore to Elizabeth Stanley, 14th Jan. 9 Chas I (1633/4).

CR 1908/7/31 Exemplification of a writ ordering John Chadwick gent. and Joyce his wife and Gerard Stanley gent. and Elizabeth his wife that they should come to an agreement with William Brooke gent. and Thomas Smythe gent. regarding the manor of Mavesyn Ridware, lands there and in Rugeley, free fishing in the Trent and the advowson of the moiety of the church of Mavesyn Ridware, 12th June 11 Chas. I (1635). This document has been removed from a bundle of fines and recoveries now split up.

FILE - Documents tied up in a bundle relating to Rugeley and Mavesyn Ridware, apparently unconnected with each other for the most part - ref. CR 1908/17 - date: 1653-1672/3
CR 1908/17/5 Lease for a year from Simon Smyth of West Drayton, Middx., gent. and Richard Podmore of Willenhall, yeoman, to Thomas Launder of Rugeley, gent., of named lands in Mavesyn Ridware, a cottage in Mavesyn Ridware now or late of John Upton, lands there (named); messuage in Hill Ridware now or late of John Chamberlyn and all appurtenances, which were sometime the inheritance of Thomas Cawardine and allotted to Gerard Stanley and Elizabeth his wife, a yearly rent of 3s. 6d., and all other hereditaments of Smyth and Podmore in Hill Ridware late of Cawardine (with an exception), land under the Hurst,the advowson of Mavesyn Ridware, rents and forechase of the meadow by the mill, 3rd January 1653/4.
Mavesyn Ridware
FILE - Exemplification of a common recovery by double voucher in which Michael Lowe gent. and Thomas Cowper were demandants, Nathaniel Williams clerk, tenant to the freehold and Elizabeth Stanley widow and Thomas Stanley gent., vouchees, respecting 40 acres of land and 20 acres of pasture, 12 Feb. 4 Chas. I (1628/9) - ref. CR 1908/25 - date: 1628/9
FILE - Original bundle of deeds and papers respecting property in Mavesyn Ridware, with a deed for the manor of Brocton and an unrelated will - ref. CR 1908/26 - date: 1630-1723
CR 1908/26/1 Lease for 31 years from Elizabeth Stanley of Lullington, Derbys., widow, and Thomas Stanley, her son, gent., to John Deykin of Mavesyn Ridware, yeoman, of 7 selions (described) in Middlefield, 6 Dec. 1630. (Paper, not sealed or signed, ? fair copy). On dorse: note of the land John Loyons exchanged with land of Mr. Launder of Rugeley "being John Heawards teanure" and of agreement between these two parties, 23 Oct. 1653.

1.1 Thomas Stanley of Lullington, Derbyshire
Baptised -
Burial - 1636
Father - Gerard Stanley
Mother - Elizabeth Cawarden
Married - Judith ?
Issue - died without issue Ref 1

Facts from the 1636 administration of Thomas Stanley of Lullington - Ref. 3

  • Judith Stanley - Relict

1.2 William Stanley
Baptised -
Burial -
Father - Gerard Stanley
Mother - Elizabeth Cawarden
Married -
Issue - died without issue Ref 1

1.3 Carwarden Stanley
Baptised - 20 February 1603 at St Oswald, Winwick - Ref. 4
Burial -
Father - Gerard Stanley
Mother - Elizabeth Cawarden
Married -
Issue - died without issue Ref 1

From Ref. 8 -

1. Rob. Pargiter of Kings Sutton - Com Northton - aet 80 1663
Baptised -
Burial -
Father -
Mother -
Married - Elizabeth, daughter of William Painter of Nothampton
Issue -
1.1 William
1.2 John
1.3 Robert
1.4 Elizabeth - wife of ....Vincent of Co., Wigorn
1.5 Jane

1.1 William Pargiter of Mavesin Ridware - Co., Stafford - aet 51 1663
Baptised -
Burial -
Father - Rob. Pargiter
Mother - Elizabeth Painter
Married - Anne, daughter of Gerard Stanley of Mavesin Ridware
Issue -
1.1.1 Philip - of Ye Inner Temple, London - aet 26 1663
1.1.2 William
1.1.3 Henry
1.1.4 Anne
1.1.5 Elizabeth

Stanley families of Staffordshire

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