The Stanley family of Hornby, Lancashire

Family origins - the Stanley family of Lathom and Knowsley

This page relates to "The House of Stanley from the 12th Century" Chapter 19.

Reference sources -

1. Pedigree - The Visitation of the County Palatine of Lancaster, made in the year 1664-5 by Sir William Dugdale, Knight, Norry
... afterwards Garter, King of Arms. Edited by The Rev. F. R. Raines, M.A. F.S.A.
2. The complete Peerage of England, Scotland and Ireland - 1890
3. Knights of England, by Shaw
4. 1524 will of - Edward Stanley, Lord Mounteagle - Prob 11/21 sig 25 - Public Record Office
5. 1576 Administration of - Lady Anne Stanley, alias Mounteagle - Bothwick Institute
6. 1581 Administration of - William Stanley, Lord Mounteagle (1581) - Bothwick Institute

1. Edward Stanley K.G. - Lord Mounteagle - 5th Son of Sir Thomas Stanley, Earl of Derby
Baptised -
Burial - Died 6th April 1523 - buried at Hornby
Father - Thomas Stanley, 1st Lord Derby
Mother - Eleanor Neville
1482 July 24 Knight Baneret - made in Scotland by the Duke of Gloucester - Ref. 3
1514 May 8 (275) Knight of the Garter, afterwards 1st Lord Mounteagle. - Ref. 2, and 3
1514 Summoned to Parliament as Lord Monteagle, by writs from 23rd November 1514 to 12th November 1515. - Ref. 2
Married 1) Anne, daughter of Sir John Harrington of Hornby Castle, Lancashire - Ref. 1 and 2
Married 2) Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Vaughan and widow of John, Lord Grey of Wilton - Ref. 1 and 2
Issue -
1.1 Elizabeth - married Thomas Langton, Baron of Walton - (1524 - issue a son - Edward)
2nd marriage -
1.2 Thomas - born about 1507 - a minor at the time of his father's death
Illegitimate -
1.3X Edward - (granted lands at Bosley in Cheshire (between Macclesfield and Congleton))
1.4X Thomas - (1524 the Parson at Badsworth) and (1542 - Bishop of Sodor and Man)
1.5X Mary - married ? Radcliffe, a widow by 1524

Facts from the 1524 will of Edward Stanley, Lord Mounteagle - Ref 4

  • Made 6th April 1522
  • to be buried in the new chancel to be made at the east end of the castle church of St Margaret at Hornby
  • Richard Beverley, prior of the Blackfriars of Lancaster
  • Abbot of Craxton
  • Abbot and Convent of Furness (Cumbria)
  • Abbot and convent of Salley
  • Abbot and Convent of Cockersand
  • Prior and Convent of Lancaster
  • Prior of Hornby - chaplain, now the castle chapel of Hornby
  • Churches - St. Peter of York, Our Lady of Santhwell, St John at Barnsley, St Wilfred at Ripon
  • Parish church of Melling
  • Sovereign, Good Lord, King Henry VIII
  • Lord Cardinals

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  • Parish churches of - Lancaster, Bolton in Lonsdale, Halton, Melling, Tunstall, Thorneton, Warton, Whittington, Ingleton, Benth? , Clapehin, Horton, Tawhm, Sladeb???, Claughton
  • Friars of Preston, Friars of Westhaughton
  • Prior of Hornby
  • son and heir
  • Sir Richard Tempest
  • Newcastle upon Tyne
  • John Aphoell, John Standish, Rauf Bradshaw
  • Executors - Thomas Darcy, Knight; Lord Darcy; Lord Heinyll; Lord Knaith; Sir John Hussy; Sir Alexander Radclyff; Lawrence Starky; Richard Banke;
  • New park at Brieley
  • Lands at Shaston
  • Gray house bought from Rauf Arosmyth
  • son at Cockersand Abbey
  • Lordship of Brierley in Yorkshire
  • Heninysworth and Shaston
  • Thomas, his son and heir

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  • Edward - bastard son - lands at Bosley in Cheshire (between Macclesfield and Congleton) granted to him - his debts in London
  • Thomas Langton, Baron of Walton and Elizabeth his wife
  • Edward Langton - son and heir of Thomas and Elizabeth, and his godson by kin
  • Nicholas Tempest
  • John Aphowell - rent of Little Paxton in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire
  • William Farshaw - Over Kellet
  • Christopher Gadmond - Bailiff at Staneley in Kendal
  • Robert Dyronson - Bailiff at Brinton in Kendal
  • Humphrey Wynder - Baliff of lordship of Farleton in Kendal, Whitington and ?
  • John Berwick - Bailiff at Over Kellet and Bolton in Lonsdale
  • Alan Wynder - Bailiff of lordship of Caton
  • Richard Cowoperland - Bailiff of Heshin
  • Robert Croft - Bailiff of lordship of Hornby and Farleton in Lonsdale
  • John Hully - Bailiff of Tarehin
  • John Yiddelton - Baiff of Sedburgh and Langarre in Dent - (Cumbria)
  • Nicholas Gardyn - Bailiff of Ellel
  • John Carlewe - Bailiff of Pleasington (Darwen and Blackburn) lands in Slall
  • Rauf Arosmyth - Bailiff of Heath Chernok, Chorley, Asheton and Shr...ynyton
  • Hugh Ainsworth - Bailiff of Bolton on the Moores
  • Geffrey Holden - Bailiff of Broughton
  • Hugh Brinyster - Bailiff of Bosley in Cheshire
  • Rauf Delahay - Bailiff of Brieley
  • The wife of John Holmes and wife of John Brygge
  • John Cotton - Keeper of the old park
  • Rauf Hubbert - at Broughton, William Walmesley - at Broughton, George Waller and Janet his wife - at Hornby
  • Edward Shawe - at Hornby, William Tarlo of Scale House, William Taillo of Arom, James Trino - Melling
  • Close at Tatham called the Raw Riding
  • Oliver Thomson - the great Close in Farleton in Lonsdale, William Solares of Lancaster
  • Christopher Hogekynson at Hornby
  • Richard Edmonson and lawrence his brother
  • John Bowman - Westmoreland and Cumberland
  • Thomas Maderer - Armorer at Hornby
  • Richard Pynrok, Nicholas Barbour, Edward Gelybronde, Robert Bolton, William More, William Sturte
  • Hugh Dannold, Hugh Dyronson, Roger Whithead, Richard Fewneherd, William Hilton, John Cowper, Richard Taillour
  • Edward Holme - Baker
  • Edward Parker - Groom of the Chamber
  • Alexander Parker of the stable
  • William Walton, Thomas Wood, William Srameler, Godfreye Whetsroners, George Balentyne, Richard Grene
  • Robert Johnson, James Wylson, Stevyn Holme, William Cholbent, William Copland, Margarret Bonde
  • Janett Waller wife of George Waller, James Tinuo, John Hully, John Jenyn Cowper, Edward Holme
  • John Gybbans, Alexander Parker - Bowland, Gilbert Crosse, Robert Walker, John Turno, Cristopher Bareson
  • Alexander Dukesbury, Lawrence Edmonson - Wappintake at Lonsdale, Robert Parker, James Bond
  • Edward Parker of Gressingham, Gilbert Burseongh, Markyn Low, Richard Holme of Brierley
  • John Hepworth - Mason
  • Christopher Solares, Thomas Hogdon, Thomas Remyington, Gefferey Starky, Mathew Thomson
  • Cristofer Pander, John Gregory of Colbroke, Richard Standanonght, Agnes Barmburgh
  • Adam Hulton - Squire
  • Sir William Hallissrere of Lancaster

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  • to the King wardship and marriage of his son and heir
  • Marster Richard Bowier als Stanley
  • Edward Stanley - son and heir of Thomas, last Earl of Derby
  • Henry Stanley - squire son of the same last Earl
  • Hornby, Litle Harwood, preston in Amondernes: Kenden: Walton in le dales; penworthm; Tatehm; Lancaster; Caton; Bolton in Lonsdale; Oxrlyff; mangle: Gressingham; Esrigge in the countie of Lancaster
  • and ib Buderlay in the County of Westmoreland
  • Gilde or Fratermter of Jesus founded within the parish church of Lancaster
  • Anne and Elizabeth - (his first and second wife)
  • James Anderton - squire - constable of Hornby Castle
  • "Thomas Stanley - person (parson?) of Baddisworth and Mary Radclyf, widow - bastard children, gods blessing and myn and to be some what rewarded at the discreation of myn executors so the the said Thomas drawn him to sadness and ??? and the same Mary to be of honest and good disposition and to be content in the order of my executors".
  • Witnesses - Richard Beverley, Thomas Ebyington prior of Hornby, Geffrey Redmayn, Frances Morley, Thomas Croft, Alexander Parker, Hugh Dyronson, Nicholas Garden, Oliver Thomson, Thomas Twissilton, Humphrey Wynder, Robert Parker, Richard Pynrot

1.2 Thomas Stanley K.B. - 2nd Lord Mounteagle
Baptised - About 1507
Burial - Died 25th August 1560 at Hornby Castle and buried at Melling. - Ref. 2
Father - Edward Stanley, 1st Lord Mounteagle
Mother - Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Vaughan and widow of John, Lord Grey of Wilton
1533 May 30 - Knight of the Bath made on the Coronation of Anne Boleyn, Queen of Henry VIII - Ref. 2
Married 1) Lady Mary, daughter of Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk in 1527 - Ref. 1 and 2
Married 2) Helen, daughter of Thomas Preston of Levens, Westmorland and widow of Sir James Leybourne - Ref. 1 and 2
Issue -
1.2.1 William
1.2.2 Charles ob.s.p.
1.2.3 Francis ob.s.p.
1.2.4 Elizabeth - married Richard Zouch Esq
1.2.5 Margaret - married 1) William Sutton Esq. and 2) Mr John Taylard
1.2.6 Anne - married Sir John Clifton

Will dated 28th July 1558 - proved at Richmond, Co. York 29th August 1564.- Ref. 2

Facts from the Inventory of Thomas Staneley Knight (Lord Mountegle), of parish of Melling L 1564

  • The Lancashire Record Office has copies on microfilm - they will not provide a copy for reasons of copyright, and the British Library have been unable to find the manuscript amongst the Townley collection.

1.2.1 William Stanley - 3rd Lord Mounteagle
Baptised -
Burial - 1581
Father - Thomas Stanley - 2nd Lord Mounteagle
Mother - Lady Mary Brandon
Married 1) - Anne, dau. of Sir John Leybourne of Cunswick, Westmorland, and his wife Helen - Ref. 1 and 2 and above
Married 2) - Anne, daugther of John Spencer of Althorpe - she married second Henry Compton, Lord Compton - Ref. 1 and 2
Issue - Elizabeth - Married - Edward Parker, Lord Morley - Ref. 1 and 2

Facts from the 1576 administration of Lady Anne Stanley, alias Mounteagle -

  • made - 10th February 1575 (1576)
  • administration granted to Elizabeth Parker alias Stanley, daughter
  • Master George Harrison appearing in her place
  • An inventory was to be exhibited and a bond was entered
Facts from the 1581 administration of William Stanley, Lord Mounteagle -
  • made - 26th December 1581
  • administration granted to Lady Anne Stanley - relict of the honourable Lord Mounteagle
  • Robert Wright, notary appearing in her place
  • Feremond Stanley, Lord Strang was bound (Ferdinado Stanley, Lord Strange)
  • an inventory was exhibited

Stanley families of Lancashire

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